Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Advisory warning before studying Hospitality Management in Switzerland

International students planning to study Hospitality Management in Switzerland should have a look on the following points:

Hospitality and Tourism Schools in Switzerland are much diversified. Here you can find world best hospitality institutions and very bad quality schools with no official accreditation for their given diplomas.
That’s why, you must and we recommend you to verify the recognition the hospitality Management schools have. Hospitality Schools can be recognized by the Swiss authorities through the Universities of Applied Sciences system (for example Lausanne Hotel school) or through State recognized Universities abroad Switzerland (for example BHMS-Switzerland/RGU-UK), some other private hospitality schools in Switzerland are accredited by NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges).

Some Hospitality Schools are member in Swiss Hotel schools Association [ASEH] but the largest number of Swiss Hospitality schools are not member and not even thinking to be member since ASEH is trying to show that only their schools are good and the rest are bad, but actually it not true and they try not to make fair rating, best Swiss Hospitality schools are not member or better to say, they were member but left this association.

International students should visit the Hospitality school website and read about the school recognition and be sure that they have a real recognition not just fake cheap memberships, many membership can be bought for 100 Euro per year, and this membership give to the school no Credibility, to see the full list of Swiss hotel school please follow the link:

Hospitality Schools

Remember ALL Swiss Hospitality Management Schools are 100% private sector and Swiss government has no control over Swiss hospitality school in case of any dispute over terms and conditions and made by institute.