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Motivation Letter for University Admission

The main purpose of a cover (motivational) letter is to persuade the school that you will benefit from a hospitality education, and convince the Swiss Embassy, that recommends to the Lucerne government if they should grant you a visa to study in Switzerland.

Keep in mind when writing your cover letter, that it should be short and to the point, well structured and without spelling or grammatical errors. Also, be prepared, to answer questions to the visa officer at the Embassy about what you have written in your letter.

Content of your cover letter

The cover letter is usually divided into three half-page paragraphs.

1st Paragraph

The first paragraph should include why you want to study at UNIVERSITY in Switzerland.

Example, please don’t copy, write your own experience:
  1. UNIVERSITY offers fast track bachelor study programs in conjunction with top ranked universities…
  2. UNIVERSITY is part of one of the largest schools group in Switzerland – giving me confidence that I get a good education.
  3. The unique study style (each year 6 months study and 6 months internship in a Swiss hospitality busienee) where I can prcatise what I have learned in the first 6 months at UNIVERSITY.
2nd Paragraph

In the second paragraph, which is usually the longest, describe the reason for your interest to study Hotel/Tourism, Culinary, or Global/Business Management in Switzerland (You must mention WHICH study program you are interested in and WHY).

Try to be as specific as possible. Underline your interest, experience and previous knowledge, that is closely related to the given study direction and point out your qualities crucial for performing well in this study direction.

Try to include sentences which show that you made an effort to find relevant information about your education, about Lucerne and Switzerland. 

Example (please don’t copy, write your own experience):
  1. Switzerland has a top reputation in management Education
  2. I saw on Tripadvisor that Lucerne is the Tourist Capital of Switzerland
  3. Few years ago I visited Switzerland, and it became my dream to study in Lucerne
  4. Lucerne has very good reputation for international Students, my friend studied in Switzerland and he told me, that if I would be planning to study in Europe, I must study in Lucerne.
 3rd Paragraph

In the third paragraph, you should explain what your plan will be once you Graduate and where your plan will be implemented. As Switzerland is not an emigration country, the Swiss Embassy wants you to show clearly, that you will leave Switzerland after your graduation.

Example (what our students said before, please don’t copy, write your own experience):
  1. After graduation I want to study MBA in XYZ. (or DBA for MBA Students)
  2. I want to go back to my country and open my own restaurant/hotel
  3. I have a job offer from my uncle in Dubai to work in his hotel

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